STRETCH 14-04-20

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - 17:06


Hamstring Mobility


Watch video:


10 straight leg kicks (L&R) with 10 second straight leg hold

Lower body joint circles holding knee at hip height (10x ankle circles, 10x knee circles, 10x hip circles)

Squats (10x reg stance, 10x feet together, 10x wide stance and hold x20 seconds)

Seated leg lifts (left leg, right leg, legs together)

Hamstring stretch with foot elevated (use block/book) 90sec hold each side

Hamstring lunge stretch (30sec x foot pointed, 30sec x foot dorsiflexion) each side

Long lunge front foot elevated with 10x knee extensions and 60sec hold each side

three point couch stretch (quad, hip flexor, hamstring) 1 minute in each position