Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - 09:50


Handstand class

Follow along wrist warm up

Position drills:

10 x standing pelvic tilts against the wall

10 x arm angels in an l-sit against the wall

5 x 15sec on/15sec off body tighteners

Find your L-stand hold position on the wall

2 rounds of:

pike fold x 60sec

L-stand hold x30sec

2 rounds of:

wall shoulder opener x 30sec

L-stand with one leg straight in handstand position

Handstand entry practice:

5 x lunge to t position with hands on wall

5 x lunge to 1 foot lift off (think hips over shoulders)

5 x one leg kick up

5 x 2 leg kick ups (kick to hollow position and try not to use the wall)

Handstand play:

Kick to handstand

Flutter kicks


Watch video: